We are SouthPoint Bank. Our calling, our purpose, is to point people forward. It is as simple as that. Point people forward. And we feel that calling, that purpose, will be our legacy. It is obvious that we will point people forward in banking, but perhaps more importantly, our mission is to point people forward in life. We tend to look at this not just as a viewpoint on banking, but a viewpoint on life. We believe there should be no separation.

We just want to point people forward. We want to point our associates forward. We want to point our customers forward. And we want to point our communities forward. We are SouthPoint Bank. We point people forward with respect, with commitment, with joy, with excellence, and with integrity. These are exciting times for all of us at SouthPoint Bank. Today is a new day. Our future holds but one direction. We point forward. In all that we do, in all the products we create and all the services we deliver, our mission points us in one direction and one direction only.

We point forward.

Our Values


Treat everyone with the utmost respect. Listen. Be understanding, have empathy and compassion, be kind, and serve others.


Work hard, be responsive, and persevere.


Enjoy life. Enjoy your work. Have fun, laugh, celebrate, and remember to thank others for what they do.


Good enough is not good enough. Exceed expectations, and always look for the better way.


Do what you say, and just do what's right, always.